Guidelines and governing principles for creating climate landscapes

These are (some) important guidelines and/or governing principles for creating climate landscapes, that a group of people from Ecorestoration Alliance came up with.

A. Evapotranspiration cools earth
B. Small water cycle creates rain
C. Hydraulic lift keeps soil wet
D. Wetlands cleanse water
E. Cities can recycle stormwater
F. Organic soil absorbs more rainwater
G. Slowing water keeps continents hydrated
H. Tile drainage wastes water
I. Wetlands humidify winds lessening wildfires
J. Wetlands replenish groundwater
K. Groundwater is our water bank
L. Groundwater increases the small water cycle
M. Groundwater quenches wildfires
N. Forests attract rain
O. Biodiversity increases small water cycle
P. Absorb rainfall to lessen droughts, floods, fire, and heat
Q. Dams block fish, sediment, wetlands, and groundwater
R. Plants regulate heat via water
S. Animals changes soil which changes water cycle
T. Ecological succession tends to increase small water cycle
U. Health ecosystems creates clouds which can cool earth
V. Increasing small water cycle lessens urban heat domes.

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