Rehydrating Planet Earth | Manuscripts Submission

Frontiers is looking for paper submission on the subject “Rehydrating Planet Ear”. Perhaps interesting for somebody reading this blog? Pretty cool thing it’ll be, that final publication!
“We are particularly interested in the synthesis of watershed or landscape level restoration efforts that provide vivid examples of how the scaling up of restoration efforts can have synergistic effects on water cycling or recycling that small-scale projects cannot attain on their own. We seek 12-20 manuscripts from scientists from a diversity of continents, countries, climates, and cultures that synthesize the science behind restoration of the water cycle as viewed from their area of expertise, their culture, and their ecosystem(s) of study. Contributions are invited but not limited to the following themes:
• Upscaling hydrological effects of localized restoration to the global water budget
• Effects of vegetation and large-scale restoration on hydrology and climate feedbacks
• Effects of soil management on hydrology and climate
• Restoration of freshwater ecosystems and hydrology
• Precipitation recycling and harvesting
• Dryland evapotranspiration
• Restoration of local water balances
• Distribution of ecohydrological processes”

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