Must-see: Regenerating Life

Must-see: Regenerating Life

Regenerating life“: Great documentary by John Feldman on the role of vegetation and healthy soils for climate cooling and the strengthening of the small water cycle. It is a powerful told story, which looks at many aspects of nature’s role producing the right conditions for life. It tells another story of climate change, and the potential we have in changing the path towards the future.

It’s not yet available as such, but you can support the project towards public screening, including sub-titles, and get the access to the film.

My most important take-aways:

Walter Jehne: “Irrespective how many greenhouse gas molecules are in the air, the thing that determines the GHG effect is the amount of reradiation coming from the earth.”

Satish Kumar: “If you want to solve the problems of climate change, you dont’t need any technology, you don’t need anything else, you just take care of the soil.

So how come the earth has a beautiful temperature suited to life?  It’s because life, the vast biodiversity which exists on the planet, cycles shape-shifting energy and energy transporting water through the soils and trees, through the atmosphere, and back again, warming and cooling, creating its own moist temperature control space. Earth wouldn’t have a temperature suited for life if it didn’t have life cycling water.

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