Climate Landscapes – Getting more people involved

I am organising an international online event “Climate Landscapes”, 18.-19.10.2022. Many well-known scientists from various fields have already agreed to be part of the conference, which is really great.

My aim however is not to organise yet another scientific conference, but one where different players/stakeholders in society will get together, get in contact and talk to each other, across disciplines and “sectors”. Thus, I want there many representatives from other-then-research to be present.

My question(s) to you is/are:

  • Can you recommend me people especially from non-scientific fields, which should absolutely be present? Or can you get directly in touch with these and recommend the conference? They can contact me voluntarily by my email address (
  • It would be great if we could make this conference stand on many organisations. So, I would imagine a many-supportes-network to show on the website and use all the power, knowledge, connections we have in order to spread the message and that this really has an impact on politics, companies, society. —> Would you like to join forces with your network, association, company, …?
  • Do you have any further ideas how to improve (exponentially!!) the impact/success of that event?

Best wishes,


PS: “Working with plants, soils and water to cool the climate and rehydrate Earth’s landscapes”: my UNEP paper;  my presentation.

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