Millan Millan and the Mystery of the Missing Mediterranean Storms

Great article [1] which portrays the reasons, how and why the approach to climate change, which at the beginning analysed both land changes and greenhouse gases changed to only consider the latter. Starting with a MIT publication called “Inadvertent Climate Modification: Study of Man’s Impact on Climate” in 1971 and a WMO publication “Proceedings of the World Climate Conference: Conference of Experts on Climate and Mankind” in 1979, land use changes were in equal discussion with greenhouse gases. But the “Charney Report” report titled “Carbon Dioxide and Climate: A Scientific Assessment“, which solely focused on GHG, changed completely the dialogue.

It’s only GHG, and water vapour as a feedback factor. Hardly anything to find in respect to land use changes (“destruction of nature”) as a principal driver due to changes in the water cycle and in the redistribution of solar radiation (the ratio of latent energy vs sensible heat). But these factors – water, energy and carbon – are closely intertwined, as I show in this graph [2].


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